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Use of International Credit and Debit card in USA

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  • Use of International Credit and Debit card in USA

    I have International Credit card (VISA) & International Debit card (HDFC) issued in India.
    I have following questions regarding the use of cards in US:

    1) Can I use my Debit card in their ATM machines to withdraw money
    (Dollars)?? How much balance is required in the account to use this facility?
    2) Can I use credit card for purchases? Recently I tried to book an airticket
    of US domestic flight. But the website says, Credit card is not issued in
    US, billing address should be from US.
    3) Can I withdraw money from ATM machines using my Credit card.

    Thank you in advance..

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    It all depends upon ...

    ... your Indian bank's account policies and RBI permit that you may have.

    Talk to your bank, they should tell you.

    Basically, in United States if you have any international Visa, Master card you should be able to use it anywhere.

    About an ATM card, it is controlled by your local bank in India, they will tell you whether you can use it with any bank in the US.

    Good luck.