Hello, please do reply for this mail!!!!! and Please some one help me in guiding the process for stamping H1B ,as i was working as a Software engineer and recently i went stamping with my husband for H4 and right now i applied for H1B and its got slected in lottery and i am planinng to go to stamping in mumbai , is there any effect for my H4 visa ,if H1B is not accepted and my H4 visa still remains in passport or else the counslate people will reject both the H4 what can i do now? or else can i go to stamping for H1B in canada or mexico there it self ,please suggest me!and one thing let me confirm is there any thing like that i have to drop all the documents in the drop box in VFS pune prior to 5 days of interview for those who are attending interview in mumbai? iam really confusing with this problem!