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anyone traveling from the US to Bangalore?

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  • anyone traveling from the US to Bangalore?

    I live in the US and spent 4 weeks volunteering in an orphanage in Bangalore last summer. I am seeking for a cheap/cheaper way to be able to send clothes/toys/other items to the 40 adorable children I lived with there... The US postal fees for boxes is insanely expensive... does anyone know of an organization/company/website where people who need to send items for humanitarian causes can contact people who are planning to travel somewhere and have extra luggage space?... Or, are you planning to travel to Bangalore and willing to help?!

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    There are shippers that ship half a container to India for as low as $750-$1000. Full container is also reasonably priced around $1500. These prices were prior to the oil price increases. Donno what they are now.

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