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Question port of entry - mom's travel to usa

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  • Question port of entry - mom's travel to usa

    Hi All,

    My mom is travelling to USA. She cannot speak english or understand english. Will there be any issues at the port of entry or how can I help her get prepared. Anybody have any experience with this. If so please can you share the experience and also how can we prepare for this.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Nothing to worry if your mother does not speak English. When your mother is with IO at POE, if IO does not know the language your mother speaks, what he does is to call some body in the line to assist him to understand her. Normally 3 questions are asked for the first time visitor.
    1. Why do you come to USA?
    2. With whom will you be staying?
    3. How many months you want to stay?
    Prepare her to answer the above questions.
    When I landed in Chicago in Dec 2007, the lady in front of me could not understand what IO said.
    I was next in the line and the IO called me to assist him in knowing what she said.
    Fortunately for all, the lady could speak only Hindi and I translated it to IO. She got 6 months stay.
    Good Luck
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