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Part of the tourist boom

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  • Part of the tourist boom

    A few decades ago tourism was confined to the rich and adventurous people. It was considered to be luxury. Since the early 1950’s it has developed into a mass migration, the equivalent to the movement of the entire population of a large country. A survey carried out by the Indian Statistical Institute during the period from 1st April, 1982 to 31st March 1983 of foreign tourists indicates that of those spending the largest slums on their visit to India, more came from the lower income group then the upper as is evident from table.

    The popularity of travel and tourism related activities among the major section of the population, particularly among the lower income strata have necessitated a change in the marketing strategy. The employment of modern management techniques has become inevitable to improve efficiency and also for the optimum utilization of the available infrastructure so that the expenses of the local tourist can be reduced to the minimum. It is no longer rewarding to offer sophisticated services to each and every individual tourist. In Keral Tours are conducted by the tour operators in such a way that the tourist attractions are presented in such a way that a group of tourists can enjoy them collectively. Further, they must be within the reach of a common man. Emphasis is now given to low tariff and budget hotels and cheaper transport facilities than for luxurious hotels.

    The travel and tourism industry in Kerala is highly susceptible to ‘seasonality’. It is governed both by the climatic conditions prevailing in the tourist’s home country and those prevailing in the country receiving him as a guest. India, along with other tropical countries, receives the largest number of visitors during the winter months because of the unfavorable climate in the summer. We do not attract many of the tourists who take their vacation during the month from March to June because they are uncomfortable. In Kerala, the peak tourism season is from October to March.

    Kashmir valley, however, is an exception to this. The seasonality of the tourism industry affects the ‘utilization-rate’ of the available tourism infrastructure. This unsatisfactory situation could be improved by staggering the holidays, and also the promotion of second and out of season holidays at reduced prices, and such other related measures. Thus, the promotional efforts are to be directed in such a way that tourist traffic would flow in regularly throughout the year.

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    Re: Part of the tourist boom

    Traveling for a tour in India is increasing day by day as travel services became convenient, luxurious. Indian most attractive places are Nanital, Shimla, Kashmir, Kerala, Agra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and more...

    The Agra, Delhi, Rajasthan is also famous as the golden triangle tour. These places are full of spiritual, historical, cultural & adventure. The one of the most adventurous places Taj Mahal is situated in Agra.
    Now Indian Ra***ay has been also involved in Luxury tourism services and he launched Maharaja Express for North India tour.
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