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  • stream26
    Buying gallery tickets ahead of time will save you time in lines. It's probably too late to get a reduced price on train tickets. I think if you buy them far in advance they are cheaper.

    Go to the Campidoglio. At the back, you can overlook the forum area. During the week than climb up to the rooftop bar to overlook the city. Similar view to what you'd get from next door with the viewing terrace but the bar is free.

    Go up to the Gianicolo. Great views overlooking the city.

    Go St. John Lateran. The holy steps are basically across the street. Scala Sancta
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  • alexanderfarrugia
    Don't worried about your immigration as you will be asked only general questions only. Just think about the amount of fun you are going to have in Rome. It is absolutely stuffed full of sights, with thousands of years of history layered upon itself. 1. Vatican City

    The Vatican City is the first thing on our list for your visit to Rome. It’s a country of its own, inside Rome, and is home to world-famous sites including the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. 2. Castel Sant’Angelo

    Originally built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, the Castel Sant' Angelo has been sitting on the banks of the river Tiber for nearly two thousand years. In that time it has evolved from its initial role as a tomb, becoming a fortress, a castle, and finally, a museum. 3. Piazza del Popolo

    From the Castel Sant’Angelo it’s a pleasant twenty minute walk along the banks of the river Tiber to the Piazza del Popolo. This was the location of the northern gate of Rome, and is where, for countless years before trains, planes and cars, travellers would actually arrive into Rome.

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  • ultra613
    As far as I know, you shouldn't be worried about your immigration as you will be asked only general questions only. There is no need to be nervous. Just think about the amount of fun you are going to have in Rome. It is beautiful place and there is literally so much to see. I have been there and I think that 3 days are pretty fine to explore best of the places.

    Our one day itinerary was this
    1. we reached Colosseum at 9.00 AM.
    2. then explored The Forum
    3. did Capitol Hill Hiking
    4. visited some food places and had some rest. We skipped pantheon, but you can add it to the itinerary and then you will have less time for lunch and no time for rest.
    5. explored Vatican Museum
    I just found this for your 3 days trip. You can do some modifications too as per your interests-
    Well, I would suggest you to pre download the attractions and route maps for more convince. The maps can be easily downloaded from google can also be useful for general maps and tour bus route maps.

    If you are having limited budget for the trip, i would suggest not to eat around the popular attractions.
    I hope all this helps!
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  • Kara018
    started a topic Rome tips

    Rome tips

    Hello guys, I am going to solo visit Rome soon. I am nervous. Can anyone please help me?
    What kind of questions I would be asked at immigration?
    I want some help with itinerary too.. can anyone share tips for a 3 days itinerary?
    Please share your best tips for hassle free Rome trip!

    Thanks in advance