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Some Useful Tips For Safe traveling

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  • Some Useful Tips For Safe traveling

    1. Keep your luggage with you until the luggage is checked. If it’s must put your bag down, keep one foot on the handle.
    2. Keep with you important papers; don’t check anything that you simply cannot afford to lose. Photocopy your pp, credit cards etc.
    3. Bring with you a small flashlight. At the night time, keep your flashlight near your bed.
    4. If it’s possible for you travel with only one or two credit cards.
    5. Change your schedule; try not to come and go at the same time everyday.
    6. Try to avoid unmarked taxi cabs.
    7. When traveling sit behind the driver so you can see him, but he cannot see you.
    8. You should park only in well lit and well traveled areas.
    9. Bring with you along a basic first aid kit with bandages, iodine, mosquito repellant, diarrhea medicine, etc.
    10. Exchange your funds with reputable and recognized exchangers only.