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South Korea trip planning - US Citizen Visa Questions

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  • South Korea trip planning - US Citizen Visa Questions

    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting to plan a trip to South Korea for next spring. As a US citizen, I know I can visit without a visa for up to 90 days.

    However, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with getting a longer term multiple entry visa. I may want to make a few shorter return trips within a year rather than just one longer trip.

    What is the process like for applying for a D-2 tourism visa from within the US? Any tips on increasing my chances of approval?

    Also open to hearing about other visa options I should consider based on my situation. Hoping someone can provide some guidance on the immigration aspects of visiting South Korea long-term.

    Any advice would be much appreciated as I get this trip planned!

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    I'm glad to hear you're considering a trip to South Korea. It truly is a fascinating country with so much rich culture. As a US citizen, there are a few visa options available depending on your trip length.

    Shorter visits under 90 days don't require a visa. If you think you may stay longer, up to a year, look into the K-ETA online authorization. It allows multiple 90-day entries and could work well. The H-1 working holiday visa is another option for ages 18-30 wanting cultural and language immersion through part-time work.

    When applying, be thorough, provide consistent trip details, demonstrate financial support abilities, and strong home ties. Having documents ready also helps.

    The D-2 student visa you mentioned supports full-time education programs. I hope these insights provide a helpful starting point for planning. Enjoy your stay in South Korea!​


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      Does this visa-free short visit apply to 2 or more people? mario games
      I am also a US citizen and I plan to go to Korea with my friend next month. We also don't plan to stay more than 90 days, so neither of us need a visa, right? Another friend of mine may also come a week after us. The three of us plan to rent a room together. Is there anything we need to pay attention to or have to follow any procedures? Thank you and looking forward to your response.
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        I agree that documentation of stable employment and assets in the US can strengthen a visa application approval. I have visited South Korea multiple times and truly enjoy it. Seoul offers wonders, but other areas like Busan and Jeju Island also deserve touring. The country boasts rich opportunities for history and modern attractions. A favorite of mine is the Korean Folk Village, which is a popular filming location for Korean historical drama. I really enjoyed Everland, South Korea's largest theme park, with rides and shows galore for kids and adults alike. Those preferring indoor options can check Lotte World. Nature admirers will be awed by the mountains' amazing scenery and trails. I hiked peaks like Gwanaksan, Bukhansan, Bugaksan, Bonghwasan, and Seoraksan. And you absolutely must sample South Korea's scrumptious and diverse street cuisine without breaking your budget.


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          I was glad I was able to help you in planning for your trip, melonyears. I remember I felt the same way on my first visit to Seoul, I received help as well, but I wanted to explore the city on my own without a guide. It was a struggle, but the preparations and the helpful people I met at the Myeongdong Catholic Church really me helped a lot. You will still need to do a lot more research, especially with the visa, good luck with the visa application!


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            Hey thanks for the info! Getting a multiple entry visa does sound like a good option for me so I can take a few shorter trips instead of one long one. I'll have to look more into the D-2 application process. Might be a good idea to show my ties to the US like a job or property to help get approved.
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