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Child travelling with friend - help needed - Urgent

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  • Child travelling with friend - help needed - Urgent

    I am on L1 and my 4 year old son is on L2. One of my friend here is going to India for a vacation for 3 weeks. So I want to send my son with them for the vacation to visit my parents and in-laws.
    My friends will take care of him in the entire travel.
    My questions are,
    Is that okay to send him with them?
    Any problem with his I-94 at the time of return?
    Any documentation should be done from my side?
    what are all the possible risks?
    How to proceed with this?

    Please answer me all the questions at the earliest, so that I can book the tickets for him.

    Please help me.


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    It all depends according to your friend. You have to make sure of your friend is a responsible person, and whether he will take care of your kid.