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Need to translate a certificate

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  • Need to translate a certificate

    Hi guys,

    I needed help with immigration for my parents to get them from Pakistan to the UK. They need to bring their birth certificate, however the birth certificate is in Urdu. This is a problem and it needs to be translated from Urdu to English. I've been looking at a few companies who can do this for me (as I don't think I am qualified to do this myself). I would appreciate some quick help, as this is one of the last hurdles to bring them over here and I'd like to be re-united with my parents ASAP (I'm sure you can understand why).

    Here are the two companies I've been looking at:


    This company specialises in certificate translation and is ISO 9001:2008 certified!


    A fairly large company with good experience, although I don't know a lot about them they seem established!

    Can anyone help? Has anyone used any of these companies before? Any other recommendations?