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How can my wife live with me in the UK for just one year?

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  • How can my wife live with me in the UK for just one year?

    I am a UK citizen and have two kids with my wife who is a US citizen. We would like to live in the UK for a year so the kids and experience where I grew up.
    We would like to not do the settlement visa as we do not want to stay for more than a year. My wife is also not planning on working whilst we are there. Does anyone know of any options or loop holes we might be able to look into? Is it possible for her to be on a tourist visa? She did live and work in the UK for 2 years back in 2008 2009 when things were a little simpler.
    Any help appreciated.

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    I understand your concern and researched a little (that's what I am doing these days) and found that UK offers long term visitors visa for 2,5, 10 years but the problem is you cannot stay for more than 6 months in a single stay and probably have to re-enter UK after 3 months, so visitors visa is not an option. And other option that I did found on internet states that "You may want to consider applying for settlement in the UK, this would be valid for up to 2 years".
    I hope you might find this helpful and since you resides in UK you might want to consult it with a UK immigration solicitors, they can guide you better.
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