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Requirements for the 600 visa

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  • Requirements for the 600 visa

    Documents to submit if you decide to submit your paper application
    • Medical requirements
    • Where to apply for the visa
    • Processing time
    • Visa conditions
    • Online applications


    1. Complete form
    for tourism:
    Form 1419

    For business or attend a congress :
    Form 1415

    For your application to be valid, the residential address (including city and country) must be completed, it must be signed by the applicant if he is over 16 years old (or by his parents if he is younger) and completes the signature date.

    • The request must be submitted together with the payment of the processing fee.

    See: Tariff

    • All applicants must send a color copy of the page containing their personal data (bio-data page) and the front and back of the national identity document or identity card.

    Documents to be attached to the application

    Do not submit original documents (since documentation is not returned)

    IMPORTANT NOTE. You should not buy your ticket or make travel commitments until you get your visa to travel to Australia. The Department will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by the client whose visa application has been completed later than expected or if the application was not successful.

    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the period of your stay in Australia. The documentation to be submitted may vary according to your personal circumstances.

    See: Supporting documentation guide

    If you visit friends or family in Australia and they are going to provide you with financial assistance (pay for your ticket / offer accommodation and livelihood during your stay in Australia), they must make a Statutory Declaration stating that they will take charge financially and also must provide evidence of your monthly income: bank account / evidence of tax return (tax return report), etc.

    • Under 18 years: please be aware that certain specific requirements apply

    See: Specific Requirements for Minors

    Medical requirements
    Everyone entering Australia must be in good health.

    See: Medical Requirements

    Yellow fever vaccination certificate
    See: Yellow fever vaccination

    Where to apply for the visa
    See: Where to apply for the visa

    Processing time
    See: Processing times

    Visa conditions
    Australian visitors must be willing and able to meet certain conditions while visiting the country. When your passport is returned, carefully check the details and conditions on the visa label.

    In particular, the tourist visa does not allow:
    • Work
    • Study more than 3 months

    Applications on the Internet
    Citizens of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay have the possibility to carry out the online Tourism and Business visa process.

    You will find additional information below:

    • e600 Tourist Visa See: e600
    • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) See: ETA