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UK Transit Visa or Standard Visa ?

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  • UK Transit Visa or Standard Visa ?

    Hello Everyone!

    Hope you are doing great!

    I have a small question and I am asking here because I could not find a proper answer on the internet.

    So me and my friends wanna visit Iceland this summer. We are gonna fly from France to Iceland via London (where we need to change the airports).

    Therefore, my question would be: Should we apply for a UK transit visa or a standard tourist visa? I personally believe I should apply for a standard Visa but would like to confirm because I do ,not plan to stay in UK for now but just transit.

    Thanks in advance guys!

    Awaiting your responses.



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    Hi akshaytimmalapur.

    Actually I am also in a same position. Five of us friends are travelling to Iceland. We are from India. We are travelling to Iceland via Frankfurt. On our return back to India, we are travelling via London,Heathrow. We have a transit time of 4 hours in London. Not planning to enter London. So do we need to take a transit Visa for UK?

    Have u decided on applying for UK Visa ?

    Thanks in advance.