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  • Advice needed DV Lottery

    I hope someone can help me with a rather complicated situation:

    I am a greencard holder, I lived in the U.S., then moved abroad 2 years ago. I did not apply for a reentry permit but I have travelled to the States several times a year. I would need to return before January in order to keep my status but I will likely not be able to.

    My husband (German citizen) and I are considering applying under the Diversity Visa lottery program, however that ends in December of this year. The selection will not be made until next spring, when my permanent residency status will officially have expired.

    My question: can I still apply for the lottery even though my status has not officially expired yet? Or is there a way to "cancel" my permanent status now, so that I would be eligible? And will my "abandonment" of permanent residency count against me if I were to be selected from the lottery?

    I would be grateful for any advice or links to websites where I can find more information - THANKS!!!