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Girlfriend moving to the US

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  • Girlfriend moving to the US

    Here is my situation. I live in Portland, Oregon. I am currently attending the Art

    Institute of Portland to get my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. I should be done around

    Summer 2008.

    My girlfriend lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have an amazing relationship, but

    after a while we both know that going back and forth is going to start costing alot. She is

    going to work for another year or two at her job, as it pays well, has good benefits, and

    are nice and flexible. She is going to do this so she can start saving up some money.

    Now, she wants to move down here with me in a year or two and live and work with me until I

    graduate. Afterwards, we plan to both move to Vancouver, BC (as I will be able to find a

    job there, and be somewhat close to her family, is a familiar place to her, and I really

    enjoy the city).

    I have browsed the internet, and we just get confused. She plans to head to go into the

    Vancouver immigration office there and ask questions, but that will probably be next month

    or something, as they are only open 8-12, Monday through Friday, and she works every day of

    the week from like 8-4.

    She doesn't have any degrees past highschool. She has been working at her job for at least

    two years now.

    What do we do? How do we get started in the process of having her be able to move down

    here? Do we try go for a green card (though the she can't participate in the lottery) or

    get a visa? Should she try get a work visa (though this requires a job, but how can she get

    a job down here without a residence here or a social security number here)?

    We are both rather confused about the whole thing, how to start the process, and how to make

    it work? What are our options?

    I know that if it doesn't work out, we can wait if we absolutely have to and just have me

    move up there (which so far from what I've read sounds alot easier).

    Your help would be very much appreciated.

    [email protected]