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selected in DV 2016 - when to file DS-260 now ?

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  • selected in DV 2016 - when to file DS-260 now ?

    Hi Experts,
    My application got selected in DV lottery 2016.
    As I can read somewhere the interview for DV2016 will start from October 2015 through Sept 2016.
    Also, once DS-260 form for Visa Application is submitted, KCC will take 4-6 weeks to share the interview date for that application.
    So my question is, should I fill the DS-260 form in August or Sept month so that I will get interview call on October ?
    Or should I do it right now itself (as soon as possible) ?

    Please suggest the logic behind and the best approach as per your experience.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Submit your DS-260

    grats on winning it, I also won this and submitted my DS-260 form right away in May, 2015, and haven't got any e-mail from the KCC to this date, I read somewhere in the instructions that they will give you an interview date only when they have a visa number available for you. So saying that they take 4-6 weeks to give you an interview date, is not very accurate. I also read that is better that you submit it soon after you find out you're a winner just like I did.