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  • Following to join - Help

    Hi all friends

    Happy New Year , Merry X-mas .

    Please Help ME

    I'm a DV2006 Winner and I answered in form DS230 My Spouse Accompany with me and Now our decision changed and my spouse wants join to me 2 year later, NOW , What Must I do ??? ,,, I must send new form to KCC or Email and they changes my status...??????

    If i don't change anything and i going to interview without my spouse can i take VISA or NO ???

    If I change status and My spouse Following to join She must come with me to interview if No How does it take to she get VISA ?????

    Thanks for your helps.... Have a nice time and happy new year ....

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    The term of "Accompay and "Following-to-join"

    Hello Matin
    As far as I know, she should accompany to you within 4 months. If she couldn't meet that sittation, you are supposed to submit some form to USCIS to call her in US. That is usually called as "following-to-join". But one important thing here is she might join to you before september 2006. After that month, she couldn't join to you any more under this term. You have to submit I130 form to USCIS and she has to wait before her visa number is available. That will take about over 4 years after you submit the form. Try to get her US before 2006 September.

    Good luck to you.