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Other Options When Asylum Case is Delayed

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  • Other Options When Asylum Case is Delayed

    Am writing this for advice for my friend. Will be brief.

    My friend Ghassen has been here nearly 3 years thru a work visa. His family ( wife and 2 kids) are still in Syria. He left them and arrived here in the hopes of working and making enough money to eventually relocate them here.

    Syria has been in a deadly 3+ year civil war that has claimed over 300,000 lives and shows no signs of ending. Ghassen's original home and entire block was leveled during a Gov't forces bombing raid.

    His family fled to a friend's home and eventually to another to avoid the carnage. A chemical weapon blast hit within a block of them. As a result, his young son has growth and mental problems and desperately needs help at a modern, U.S. or European facility.

    Ghassen applied for ASYLUM to have his family brought here. His original case was to be reviewed in Dec. 2015, but because of the USCIS caseload, it has been pushed back until Dec. 2016. At the end of this month his family will be out of places to live and will be forced to flee to Turkey as refugees - along with the other 1.5 million who are already there.

    Does anyone know of ANYTHING he can do??? If not, by the end of August he will be forced to leave the U.S. and join his family in Turkey to ensure their safety.

    ANY and ALL advice would be greatly appreciated.