Hi I am 20 years old currently a ward of the court. My mom left me when I was 3 and my dad went to prison when I as 13 years old. I was homeless since until I got arrested a few years later for stealing a shirt and when the time to release me came they realized I didn't have anyone. CPS took me under their custody and my life has changed ever since. I am getting my green card through special immigration juvenile status for foster care kids and I am worried because I had my interview a week ago and he could not approve my application because I did not have the final disposition of the petty theft arrest. It has been my one and only arrest ever. I am just scared that he will not approve my application because the day of our interview he was very upset because who ever did my paperwork did a very messy job. He was so upset he made me cry but then again my friend says I cry for everything. When he seen my cry he said don't worry we are here to help you out everything that you been through is in the past not in those words but something similar. It helped me relax a little because he did not seem so mean after all . I'm doing really good for myself I am currently a Medical Assistant at a Urgent Care Center and I am majoring in Political Science but he does not know that because my paperwork was so messed up he did not even ask me if I was in school or other things I hear they are supposed to ask all he asked was the mandatory have you ever been a terrorist, done drugs etc. My question is do you think he will deny my application? If he does is there any kind of appeal process? I just sent the final disposition form so I am really nervous to know if he will approve me or not so please help?