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  • DV1 applicant - trouble with


    I am from Germany, thus to be exact, the site I am having trouble with is .

    Let me ellaborate:
    I have won the greencard lottery and then later got married to my wonderful wife, thus she was added to my application. We have both sent in our DS-260 through my case number to KCC and got our interview date which is in Frankfurt on February 2nd.

    We have all the documentation ready, the more frustrating is what I am trying to deal with now.
    Frankfurt's pdf file on all the things you have to do said that we have to register the document delivery address, which I did, through my profile on which I already had from a previous application for an M1 visa. I got the confirmation that I had registered the address, however I was wondering what my wife was supposed to do so I got in touch with ustraveldoc's customer support (which is really not helpful at all) and they told me to ask [email protected].
    They told me to add her as a dependent on my profile, which I have NO IDEA how to do?

    I have tried calling ustraveldoc, I have tried their "live chat" multiple times without ever being connected to an operator and also have emailed frankfurtvisainquiries again to clarify what is asked.
    Since when I go to "Update Profile" there's nothing where I would be able to add her.
    Then I thought maybe if I go to "New appointment" then it would take me through the same process again, but this time, instead of choosing DV1 I would choose DV2 for the spouse option.
    However I realized as I was starting to do that that it wanted me to register the delivery address again, which I already did. So I got scared I would mess something up and exited that in order to wait for the answer from the customer support.

    BUT... now the field with FRANKFURT initially had some other info about the delivery address (or some more text was there) which is now gone..!

    So... I really hope that you can help me with this! Customer support has been a pain in the butt for the most part..(meaning I couldn't reach them)

    (1) Does this mean I have to re-register my delivery address now? Shouldn't it be in the system from when I did it before? Why did it disappear?
    (2) Was this the right way to "Add her as a dependent"? Should I just do what I previously started?

    Oh and I also tried actually calling the phone number they provided (the German one) and it was a good old hotline where I just pressed different numbers and it would explain things I had already read on the website..and I couldn't actually manage to get a real life operator on the phone!
    ;( !!

    Help is so INCREDIBLY appreciated.

    Thank you.