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A question about the DV Lottery and Future applications

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  • A question about the DV Lottery and Future applications

    Not sure if this has been asked before, I did do a search but did not find anything particular to this.

    I understand the DV lottery system and how it works, for the most part. However my question is, If I do apply for the DV lottery and don't get it, does it/how does it affect any future applications I may make for a visa, such as F-1, H1 so on and so forth. Are the two systems related? and on the visa application, it does ask if you have every applied for a immigrant visa. My understanding is that applying for the DV lottery is not necessarily an application for an immigrant visa, as I won't be filing any formal application until I am selected. So does it affect applying for a nonimmigrant visa?


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    Your understanding is correct.

    Entering DV lottery does not constitute as applying for Immigrant Visa. So it wont affect your other visa application.

    It is until you are selected would that come into play.

    Also, all non-immigrant visa applicants will be treated as having immigrant intent - until proven otherwise during the interview at the consular (with ties to the home country etc). So kinda the same though as EVERYONE will be considered as intending immigrants