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Please help me out friends!!!! Very Urgent please!!!!

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  • Please help me out friends!!!! Very Urgent please!!!!

    I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria who is much more interested to live and work in USA. I have been participating in the visa lottery program for the past 3 years now but I have not received any winning notification letter that I won.

    Thereof,I want to participate in this year green card visa lottery program DV-2008 with a guarantee that my application will be correctly submitted for a chance of wining the lottery.

    I will be very glad if anyone can supply me with comprehensive A to Z information about all the secret of winning the visa lottery program.

    Moreover, is their any visa lottery agency that can really guarantee my entry in this year DV-2008 program with the lowest fees?

    Or it is possible that I can prepare the application myself? If so, how can i do it?

    Can anyone who had won the green card visa lottery program give me comprehensive information on how i can win it too?

    I will be looking forward for the best way on how i can win the green card lottery this year.

    N:B:- 1. Can anyone give me the sample of the completed fillied form and the entry submission confirmation format of the visa lottery application forms?

    2. Please,what are the process to follow in other that i can correctly scan my passports photography for visa lottery program requirements.


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    This post is VERY odd...............frankly and i bed there is a 419 somewhere lurking

    Its a LOTTERY...........just like any other, the odds of winning depend on the # of entries and your luck.

    you can prepare it yourself. The forms will be on the uSCIS.gov website along with the instrcutions on how to scan photos.

    if you chose to use an agency for afee they cannot guarantee you that you'll win......the form is so basic that it doesnt allow for anyhting extra to b eput there to give you an edge. If you do a internet saearch youll see plenty of agencies wholl take your money for what you can do yourself.
    Good luck