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Should I apply for Asylum?

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  • Should I apply for Asylum?

    Hello all,

    I came to US in 2013, went back home in January 2016, and then came back in December 2016. My life changed months after coming back. I moved in with a guy who was gay. I always thought I was straight, but I never had a girlfriend or had any physical relationship with a girl. I went through a lot of emotional trauma to accept myself and my love for my roommate. Eventually, he moved to another state, I broke down, and talked to my family back home. They outrightly threatened to disown me! Same sex marriage or physical relationship between same sex couples is illegal in my country punishable with up to life in prison. My family threatened to put me in jail. In the meantime, the house I was staying with my roommate, was burglarized, and I lost all my documents including my passport. I got so depressed, I didn't register for classes. By the time, I wanted to re-enroll, my school said I cannot. If I go home, I possibly would put to jail or be killed and there is no way they would let me live my life freely, I would probably have to marry a girl and live a miserable life even if I manage to stay away from prison.

    Me and my former roommate have been on and off dating, and even though I love him, I do not feel I am ready to marry because I am not financially stable, nor is he, to afford a family yet I don't want to go back and lose him or go to jail or be murdered or never be able to freely accept my lifestyle.

    Should I apply for asylum?

    Even though, I missed the one year deadline, I think I qualify for the extenuating circumstances as well as changed circumstances because I did not truly accept my orientation till say October - November 2017, and then I was also trying to go back to school and asylum wasn't something that I was thinking of, since I had too much already on my plate. Only when I realized that there is no way going back for me to my home is when I thought of applying for asylum.