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Applying for asylum 10 years after entry.

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  • Applying for asylum 10 years after entry.

    I am male 34 now, entered US on F-1 visa in 2009 and stayed in Los Angeles since, then been in married citizen in 2011 and been living together since, it was abusive relationship for 3.5 years then i divorced her, i suffer PTSD, applied under VAWA in 2015 as victim of domestic violence, petition denied in 2018 on the grounds not showing enough evidence to establish the good faith marriage.

    Out of legal status, i am really depressed and want to go back home to eastern Europe.

    However here's the problem, i entered US as straight man, then after all my traumatic experience with women i gave up on women, and got into gay lifestyle, now i am with LGBT supporter and afraid to go back because its dangerous to be non traditional.

    So in order to apply for asylum it has to be done in first year of me coming here, but above explanation is reason why i did not apply right away. Do you think its good reason for such long delay and will they take my Asylum application now ten years after entry?

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    May have some chances

    Sorry about the ordeal you had to go through. Reason i checked into your profile because it said applying asylum after 10 years. I applied pretty late as well and a lot of people were sceptical including the lawyers that the chNces are slim but i went ahead and applied anyway because I actaully had no other options. Lunckily i got approved. My reasonings are different but if you are able to show them proof on how LGBT community ia being treatwd especially any recent stories, that would be your plus point. Good luck!