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Do i need Supplement A to I-485?

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  • Do i need Supplement A to I-485?

    Im so confused with this whole process!
    I want to know ALL fees that i will have to spend to get my greencard, because i might not be able to afford it.

    I know that the I-485 + biometric fee is $1010, but what is this Supplement A that costs another $1000? Do i need this supplement? im here on a H4 visa, never done anything illegal, never overstayed or been here illegaly. My H4 is valid until 2011.
    I want to Adjust status because im a diversity Visa selectee.

    I also contacted a doctor for my medical and they say this will cost $270
    Any other fees to be aware of?

    Please help me anyone!

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    well, i am going through this process as well
    I think whole package costs $1010
    and plus you have to pay Department of State $375

    give me your email, we'll contact each other and see if we have the same questions and can help each other


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      I'm going through the same process and I am not too sure on how to fill out the I-485 and all the required fees. Do you know exactly what all the steps are? I am married and was the only one selected under the DV program but my spouse needs to change his status as well, does he need a separate I-485 or should I include his info on my application?
      I wrote the USCIS for assistance but they haven't answered me yet.