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I really need URGENT help, please!

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  • I really need URGENT help, please!

    I am seeking asylum to Canada, UK or USA. Can someone advise which one of these countries have a fast and lenient asylum granting procedure?
    I was recently victim of attempt robbery and murder, I was able to hand the robber to police but soon after the incidence I started receiving threatening calls from unknown people who are asking me to tell court that the person arrested by police is not the person who attacked me and 4 other employees in my office. I have been told by local police that the robber belongs to a very notoroius gang who is spread in the whole country. Our country is going through a really rough time politically so I cant trust poilce for my protection at all! My family and me are obviouly under a constant stress, I dont want to withdraw the case and at the same time I fear for my life.
    Thats why I have started considering asylum. Let me add a note that I run a sound business and have assets of above $100,000. I have also travelled to UK last year for tourism among some other international destinations.
    I just cant decide which way to head. the reason I chose USA, UK and canada is because I have close family living in these countries but I really prefer USA and Canada as I have my sibling living in these 2 countries.

    Please people dont regard this as a scam, I really need an urgent response!

    I have proof of the incidence in form of local TV channel news recording.

    Thanks in advance.
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