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Asylum case at all?

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  • Asylum case at all?

    I came to this country in 2000 on a student visa.I have been on a H1B visa since Oct 2007.I was benched from Oct 08 to April 09.I filed WH4 with DOL and DOL advised me that my former employer has agreed to pay back wages.

    My new employer filed a h1b petition with USCIS on June 17th 2009.It is approved now.Sometime in the third week of June,Dept of State(DOS) contacted me to get some information about the employer.I went to their office and answered all their questions and talked about my experiences with them.Basically, I assisted DOS in their investigation of this employer.

    DOS called me up a few days ago an now wants me and a few others to testify in the court in a couple of months against our former employer.Because my employer is a Indian citizen as well as a US citizen, I mentioned to DOS that I fear for my life if I go back to India since he could get me beat up or killed since he knows I went to DOL(WH4) and I testified against him to DOS in their office and will testify in court in the future.

    I have been in this country for 9 years and DOS has mentioned that its possible that they may appeal to immigration for asylum or something

    My question: 1. Is it possible to receive some sort ofimmigration benefit since I went to DOS's office and gave them all info about employer's illegal activites? DOS going to pursue criminal charges against my employer.

    2. My employer, who I complained against is from India.I fear going back to India because he is from India and he knows I went to DOL and he will eventually know that I gave DOS all the info about him. Is there anything under US Immigration law that can grant me protection to stay in the US because of danger to my an my family's life in India? Like an Asylum or something? Do I have a case at all?

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    Can someone please respond? thanks.