Hello guys,
I need your help, opinion, prayers please!
I know this is big and needs a lawyer , I made an appointment already but i m asking if someone went through this or know about what to do! Just to have an idea and peaceful mindset maybe.
my spouse came here illegally, we knew each other before he crossed the borders, there was some circumstances that made him unable to wait for any kind of visa! Anyway, we have been together for more than 20 years now. He has his tax id and work legally, the story is so long but i ll go straight to the questions,
The USCIS sent my spouse a Request for evidence, it was 5 pages, in one of the pages they want us to explain why he lied to the immigration by responding NO on two of the questions! He attempted to enter the first time the country and but he has been caught and they took his fingerprints when he has been asked about his name, he gave false information, before filing we have asked a lawyer if we should mention this, he ran a background check and said No, nothing showing about him, because it’ been more than 10 years! So we did ! But now they sent us the RFE why he lied at the time and why we didn’t mention this in the other question if he has attempted to enter the country before!! What should the response be ?? I know some lawyers will use the vulnerability of the case, but we want to know a pre answer so when a lawyer talks to us we can follow his logic not like the first one !! Pleaaaade