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Asylum Recommended Approval cancelled and referred to an immigration court.

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  • Asylum Recommended Approval cancelled and referred to an immigration court.

    Hi Guys here is my scenarios of what's happening to me. I was on F1 student visa but then i had to start y asylum case due to my country situation with war etc (Yemen)

    On May 17, 2018 i had my asylum interview in the court of San Francisco.
    On May 30, 2018 i received my recommended approval ( i read and my lawyer told me its a good sign and the final decision might be granted if my background check is cleared which took three years) so i waited 3 years and from that date until

    July 27, 2021 i received my a letter "referral notice based upon cancellation of recommended approval" ? that letter basically stated that based on the background check they determined that i am ineligible and referring my claim to the immigration court for no reasons??? it's also written on the letter that this is not a denial of my asylum application but it's referred to a immigration court.

    I am confused, i had a good hope and that my recommended approval will eventually be granted. I don't know why they referred me to court, on god i know my background check is great if not good as i haven't done anything illegal or not even be arrested for anything.
    I am not sure why this is happening to me, i know the UCSIC didn't list a reason for the cancellation of my recommended approval but could that be that i applied for asylum after one year and half from last entry of the US? that part i have a valid reason why due to the war in my country.

    Then, i looked up the UCSIS website and was scheduled a MASTER hearing on October 7, 2021 but it was canceled, then i look at the website it's pending and just today i see that i have been scheduled for an INDIVIDUAL HEARING instead of master hearing and it's On June 18, 2025 With a judge who has almost 90% decision grant rate but the hearing is three years and a half from today??? why it's taking long?

    SO, Why my recommended approval was cancelled and What are my chances of being granted (i know for sure my background check is great)? and what should i expect from the lawyer in the court.
    and is there any i can expedite my individual hearing?

    Thank you guys.

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    obviously they found some inconsistencies in your story, so off to immigration court you go, like it or not. whatever you think you know or say is not really relevant now. And no, there is no way for you to expedite your hearing....after all, why should you go ahead of others?