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  • Dv2005

    hi everybody,

    My case number is 48 XXX i feel sad because they are still far from my number

    What do you think i still have chance or no ?

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    Don't give up!

    Hi, I can imagine how do you feel, but don't give up until October 2006 when the fiscal year for DV-2005 will end. Your case number is way behind but it doesn't mean that you will be left out. I hope you mailed your application forms to the KCC without delay.
    But be sure it is still to early to cry, don't give up! Good luck!


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      can some one help

      can some one help me out i have a causen that live in sudan he is trying to came to the usa can you tell me how he can came here he is only 25y old he been in sudan for abut 3y and he dose not have any brother or sister or mom and dad any where just me here in the usa and i am a student here too but he really need help to came to the usa can you help him out some how thank you so much