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P4 travel Question

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  • P4 travel Question

    A friend of ours from Ukraine arrived here about 18 months ago and set up a dance studio with his wife. I believe he was on a P3 Visa and his wife a P4. The sponcer owns the studio.
    They had a child here about 10 months ago.
    About a month ago the wife took the child to visit family in the Ukraine thinking they had documents sufficient to return to the US after a short visit. They subsequently discovered that they were not allowed back into the US so wife and baby have been stuck in Ukraine for months.
    The family is split up, very sad. They have exhausted limited resources on lawyers and the sponcer has set up a go fund me site for them.

    Any advice on this?

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    What documents are missing? How were they able to travel in the first place??? Did the baby not have a passport?
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