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  • Really need some help

    Hi All

    Ok so i am currently in the process of applying for a p1 visa. This would be my second one if i get it.
    The problem I'm facing is that this one would be a substitution of a performer so i was told by the company, I'll hopefully be working with, that it's normal for the application to go into administrative processing. I did the interview and it did go into administrative processing, but right after the interview i realized the Resume that i sent in to the company had a problem as under experience i accidentally added something that shouldn't have been there. Plus it says the experience was in the USA when i had my p1 visa eventhough it never happened.
    I Used my girlfriends resume as a template for my resume, but i accidentally left a part of her resume in that shouldn't have been there on mine. (yes i know, i am stupid, but i was short on time as i was busy with another show)

    I'm trying to figure out if my visa will be denied or not as it's been in administrative processing for 2 weeks after they said it would take 5-7 days. And on top of that i don't know if i should tell the company I'm working with as it sounds like an absolutely idiotic reason.

    Any help or advise?

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    No advice, i am following you. If you get the answer please tell as i am also looking for this. LiteBlue USPS
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