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B1 Visa after 10 year ban

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  • B1 Visa after 10 year ban

    Hello everyone --
    I have a very complex situation and would appreciate your insight

    • 1977 -Immigrant petition was filed by my Mother and left for US.
    • 1988 - Went back to home country to live with Grandparents. Greencard expired and lost immigrant status
    • 1995 - Went back to US on Tourist Visa (Stayed for 6 years and overstayed visa)
    • 1999 - Married US Citizen in US
    • 2001 - Went back to home country with US Citizen son and Immigrant petition was filed by ex-husband US.Citizen. Visa was denied due to overstay and was subject to 10-year ban. Waiver for Hardship was filed but was denied
    • 2002 - Got separated from ex-husband and eventually divorced and 2 year old US citizen son lived with me outside US ever since (with his father's consent)
    • 2013 - Got officially/legally re-married to non-US citizen

    My overstay was 13 years ago so my 10 year ban is over. I work for a US based company and they have asked that I visit for 5 days to attend Business Reviews/Meetings. They have provided me with the invitation letter and other supporting documents. I am now scheduled for a B1 interview and was just thinking about what my chances are... I am pretty much settled and have moved on with my life just fine but it would help me career-wise if I would be able to visit again.


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    You had a roller coaster ride!!!!!!!!

    If you have been in your job for a good length of time and draw a good salary, it means you have good ties to your home country overall
    including your family. That would mean there should not be any problems getting a visa.
    The only problem here could be your past history .
    Even though you are past the 10 yr ban, a history of past overstay and past immigrant petitions will make you
    suspect of being a potential immigrant.
    So , it all depends on the officer how he/she looks at the big picture.

    To cite my personal experience ; I overstayed my visitor visa by 3 years and left voluntarily in early nineties. The 10 yr ban did not apply to me
    as it was started after 1997. I applied again in 2000 for genuine medical reasons . But the officer grilled me for 30 minutes just because of the past overstay
    and ended up giving me a 6 month single entry visa.

    So , it all depends on the officer, your presentation and some luck.
    Good luck ..


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      Did you get your Visa?

      Did you get your B1 visa after your 10-year ban? If so, how difficult it was? I'm in a similar situation.