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B1 visa rejected but no refusal letter provided

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  • B1 visa rejected but no refusal letter provided

    I will be grateful to you if any body can give me information about my issue.
    I faced my visa interview for B1 category.Visa officer told me that "Unfortunately he is not able to give me visa at this time, what is the reason is stated on the paper"- but he did not give me any refusal letter.As he welcomed next people of the line I left the window.After that I contacted with embassy for refusal letter via email.But I did not get any response from them within 1 moth.

    Is it usual to not give refusal letter to some peoples?If I try to submit another application will I able to submit DS form without refusal information( that means without mention the reason of refusal).

    I am eagerly waiting for any suggestion.

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    it happens often. But they always type in the outcome and the section of denial they apply to every case. So, the next time you will apply
    they will have on their screen , the reason they denied you the visa. So do not worry about that issue.
    When you apply next time, just write on the form "do not know" as the reason for last denial.