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B1 Visa Application Rejected !!

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  • malawdan
    Hi Idol sol

    Thanks very much for your opinion.
    What you said is very logical , and for sure I'll consider this when I apply next time.
    Thanks again.

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  • Ideal sol
    Hi malawdan,

    Sorry to hear that your visa is not approved.

    You did a big mistake by applying alone.
    If you apply for b1, then it is ok to apply alone.

    Since you are applying for tourism and you have family with you, the VO expects to apply along with your family.

    And you joined with new employer very recently, even that appears as unstable.

    Wait for a couple of months(couple of years would give better results) and apply along with family.

    All the best.

    This is my opinion, not a legal advice.

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  • malawdan
    started a topic B1 Visa Application Rejected !!

    B1 Visa Application Rejected !!

    I am an Egyptian and I’m working in KSA (Saudi Arabia). I Applied today for a B1 Visa in US embassy in KSA, but the officer rejected my application. I brought him an HR letter from my company with my salary & position. Also I brought Bank statement with last three months with big balance. I don't know why I was rejected, here's the Q & A of the interview :

    Q : is this first time to apply for visa ?
    A : Yes

    Q : What is your job ?
    A : Project manager

    Q: Are you going to US for business or tourism ?
    A: Tourism

    Q : for how long you are in KSA ?
    A : almost 6 years

    Q : since when you joined the current employer ?
    A : since Feb 2014

    Q : are you travelling to U.S alone ?
    A : Yes

    Q: do you have a family ?
    A : Yes

    Q: How many children you have ?
    A: 4 Children

    Q: You'll not take your family with you ?
    A: no , but I'm considering this in the future

    Q: Do you have relatives in USA ?
    A: No

    Q: Where do your family live ?
    A: They live with me in KSA

    Officer : Sorry but you're not qualified to get the visa.

    He gave me a form where he marked the reason for not qualifying that :
    You have not shown that you have sufficiently strong family, social, or economic ties outside the U.S. Such ties can include employment, professional, educational, family or social links to a foreign country. You have not demonstrated that you have the ties that will compel you to return to your home country or Saudi Arabia after your travel to the United States.

    Is there a chance that I get the visa if I re-applied again? How can I increase that chance?