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B1-visa @ Hyderabad

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  • B1-visa @ Hyderabad

    Hi All,
    Thanks to Immi and my mummy for blessings.
    i had interviewed on 30th OCT for B1 visa @ 10:30 am in Hyderabad.

    VO: GM
    Me: VGM and submitted my passport

    VO: which company you are working for?
    Me: xxxx company pvt ltd, he asked me once again about which company u working for,i repeated answer with clear sound.

    VO: How long you are been in to this company?
    Me: 2Y 8M

    VO: Purpose?
    Me: Business Meetings and technical discussions with users and with the team.

    VO: R u going to client side or your own company in USA?
    Me: Going to our company HQ in USA.

    VO: That's great i'll keep your passport
    Me: Thank you very much and ran out immediately from there to breath easy myself

    Tips: Listen to VO carefully and answer slowly and clearly.
    that's it !!!

    Once again thanks to immi to prepare myself and to gain some confidence.