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Would this qualify for a B1 Visa?

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  • Would this qualify for a B1 Visa?

    I am currently working for a US company in India. I used to have an H1 with them but I gave it up and returned to India January 2014. They wanted me to continue working with them and I did that.

    Now they have offered me a promotion, which is increasing my hours a bit from here and travelling to US 3-4 times an year to participate in meetings, meet with coworkers and clients and basically work from there for 3-4 weeks.

    Would this be the case for a Business Visa? If not what Visa would I qualify under?


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    B1 visa (that means non - migration visa to the USA) ... You can apply for this business purpose and its duration is 60- 90 days from any immigration department..
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