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Re-entry on B1 after (minor) H1 overstay

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  • Re-entry on B1 after (minor) H1 overstay

    All - I worked for Employer A for 6 years, and had a minor H1 overstay (of 20 days) in Oct 2014 - since they blew the deadline to file for the extension that would've recaptured time spent out of the USA.

    Now I'm with Employer B and plan to enter on a B1 visa for a 2 month business trip. My B1 is valid and doesn't expire until next year.

    Can I encounter problems at the port of entry?


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    There should not be much issues - but be prepared

    20 day overstay is not considered much since it can easily be the time required to wrap up things after a 6 years of stay.
    the best thing you can do is be prepared to give the reason of overstay.
    Also, at POE they will be more concerned about the fact that you might work instead of business.


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      Thanks sandeshivar. Makes me feel better. The B1 trip is purely "training". I'll have a letter from the employer supporting this.