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Period of Stay - I-94 for B1

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  • Period of Stay - I-94 for B1

    I have aplied for B1 visa. I am a researcher and have been invited for scientific conferences. The conferences will be over within 2 weeks of my arrival. I want to stay longer.

    1. Who finally decides how long I'll be able to stay? In this regard, clarify roles of Visa officer and Immigration officer

    2. What are the parameters for diciding the perid of stay for B1?

    3. Usually what happnes in such cases? Will 6 months visa holder usually get 6 months of stay granted?

    4. What documents to present and to whom?

    Many thanks...anxiously waiting for a reply...


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    1. Immigration officer at the port of entry.

    2 & 3. They decide based on how long you really need to stay for the purpose you are entering US on.

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