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B1 visa rejected...compete in World series of Poker

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  • Patrick Reynolds
    Yeah, unfortunately, things aren't going as smoothly as we'd like. You don't always understand why you're being rejected because the cause isn't being voiced. I'm sorry you never made it. I've never been to a poker competition, I prefer to do it at an online casino. Since I like to play not only on the computer, I try to read this information about the best mobile casinos in Austria. It allows me to take part in all kinds of tournaments at any time and anywhere in the world. For me, gambling is a way of relaxation. Besides, it's also a way to earn money.
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  • Libra_14
    Just give it a try once again. But I doubt, they check other government sites for such information (that too so quickly while talking to you).

    - Not a legal advice, just MY opinion

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  • B1 visa rejected...compete in World series of Poker

    hello everyone

    purpose of visit was to participate in World Series of Poker in Las Vegas starting from 31st May...
    i have registered myself in 6 poker tournaments...i have wire transferred my funds to organizers and have confirmation mail from them
    i am married
    bank statement of 4 million
    property documents of 20 million
    well established construction business
    no previous travel history
    i had round trip air tickets and hotel reservation for 28 days

    interview questions after greeting
    VO: what is your purpose of travelling to US?
    Ans: i am participating in wsop..i have to play in 6 tournaments starting...( i did not complete my ans ans VO asked me next question )
    VO : are you married?
    Ans: yes
    VO: sorry you are not eligible for a visa right now

    I was shocked due to such a short interview..i checked later from NADRA ( national database and registration authority of pakistan ) and came to know that my marital status was not updated and it was still unmarried in their records...now that i have got my status updated..what are my chances for getting a visa now...
    is there anything else that might have caused the rejection???