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Rejection of B1 VISA for Conference. Reapplying with DBT,Govt. of India Support.

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  • Rejection of B1 VISA for Conference. Reapplying with DBT,Govt. of India Support.

    I am planning to attend a conference in USA during august mid. I were attended VISA interview at Chennai consulate in 16th June but my VISA application got rejected due to self financed trip. Now I have got "Travel Grant from Department of Biotechnology" for attending conference. I have reapplied yesterday for VISA in Hyderabad consulate on August first week due to lack earlier appointment of availability at Chennai.
    Am I permitted to attend at different consulate for this time of interview? (I inquired in Consulate they told you can reappear anywhere).

    Shall I get the VISA for this time? What are the documents I need to carry additionally?

    Here is my previous interview details.
    VO: Good Morning.
    Me Good Morning Madam.
    VO: Why are you traveling to USA sir.
    Me: One of my research paper got accepted in XYZ conference so to attend and present that paper madam.
    VO: Where it got accepted? Do you have any invitation letter?
    Me; Handover the invitation letter and told about conference.
    VO: You are from Which University sir?
    Me; Told
    VO: Your profession
    Me: PhD student madam.
    VO: Do you have any documents from your University?
    Me: Given
    VO: She typed a lot. Then asked who is sponsoring your trip sir?
    Me: Self financed madam.
    VO: Your university is not sponsoring you?
    Me: No madam, but i have applied for the travel grants in my institute and other agencies of GOI, decisions will be announced by first week of July madam.
    VO: Sorry to inform you sir, due to strict immigration rules of US, we can not issue the VISA to you. In your institution letter they mentioned that "May be permitted to attend without any financial commitment from the institution" hence we cannot process further.
    Me: Madam I am able to bear all expenses by me self, these are my bank statements and asset details. (She does not wish to see those and handover passport and 214(b) form to me)
    VO: Its not completely rejection of your visa sir. Once you get the support from your institute or any organization you can reapply for the VISA sir. Thank you.
    Me: Thanks madam.
    Please assist me