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URGENT : Business Visa interview Query

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  • URGENT : Business Visa interview Query

    I have an interview scheduled in the coming days. Applied for a business visa

    My concern : My father applied for an immigrant visa way back in 2003. However, due to his ill health, we decided not to pursue the application further. Fast forward to 2016, while applying for my B1, i mentioned this in the DS-160. I wonder if this will come up during my interview and may turn out to be a reason for my B1 visa rejection.

    ANy help here, please ?

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    Yes. You have to mention about immigrant visa application in ds-160 form. Visa officer may ask questions about this and you can answer honestly. As per my understanding, visa officer should not reject your B1 visa application because of this reason.
    This is not a legal advice. Use at your own risk.