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US Visa for an international student to attend a conference

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  • US Visa for an international student to attend a conference

    Hello everyone,

    I am an international student in country A who come from country B. My paper got accepted to an international conference in US this year and I have to apply for a visa. I have some difficulties filling my application. I tried to look everywhere for the answer and I could not found it. My questions are :
    1. What type of visa should I get? is it B1, B2, or B1/B2 ? The conference committee told me to get tourist visa which I assume B2. However, since I put the organization name as the payor (as they instructed, because they will reimburse the travel expenses later), I don't see how the organization pays for "tourism" activities. So I took a look at some websites and attending conference is included in B1 visa. It confuses me.
    2. I have been living at dormitory in country A for three and half years now and will continue living there until I graduate next year. What should I write in home address? Is it the dormitory address or my home address in my home country B ?
    3. What supporting documents should I bring? I am worried, especially about presenting strong ties to return after the conference. I AM going to return (i have to graduate next year!) but how to ensure them ?
    4. I did try to apply last week and got rejected. The consular officer did not ask for any documents I prepared except my alien card. I was nervous. Any advice for my next interview? The rejection letter said that I don't have any strong ties to return (but there wasn't any questions about it).

    Thank you, any help is appreciated.

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    How do you think your ties have strengthened since last week?

    What is your original country and where are you presently?