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B1 visa rejected twice in two months

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  • B1 visa rejected twice in two months

    Hi, im a software professionals with 6 years of experience with 3 years from my current organisation. I was rejected a B1 VISA in june and i reapplied in august and got rejected again.
    I was denied VISA in first attempt as i was not able to justify social or economic bindings and counseler did not asked anything about my married life. He asked about salary and i told me its 50k then he asked if had traveled outside India i said no, then he asked if i own any property i said no (though i have ancestral property).
    Now in my second attempt the counseler asked about wife and children i told her i have a one month old daughter then she asked about wife profession i told she is govt employee primary teacher, then she said your previous VISA was rejected and then she talked to herself lets see what was the reason (checked her computer) and asking about my duration i told 2 weeks , why you need to travel- I explaned, then finaly she said unfortunately i can't issue you VISA this time.

    Plz help im worried if i will ever get a VISA after my second denail and plz tell what is the reason of my denail for same reasons 214(b)