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B1 Visa rejected under 214b

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  • B1 Visa rejected under 214b

    Hi All,

    Last week, I had my first B1 visa interview at Mumbai.
    Following is my experience.

    Me : Good Morning.

    Consulate Officer: What is the purpose of visit to US?
    Me: To attend business meeting with customer

    CO:Which company are you working with?

    CO: Have you ever been to any other country before?
    Me: Yes, Canada. (FYI - I had been to Canada 4 times - 4 weeks each time - on business visa during 2013 to 2015 from my previous organisation)

    CO: For how much duration you are planning to visit USA this time?
    Me: 2 weeks.

    CO: Sorry, your visa is not approved. You can apply next time.

    Only 4 short questions and within 2 minutes, officer rejected my Visa without any substantial reason and handed over 214b form.
    After each question he was entering some info (I could see him typing.. )

    Following info regarding my profile may help(No question was asked regarding this though)

    Profession : Working as a senior software engineer in US based product company headquartered at Redwood City, CA and listed in NYSE
    Experience : Overall 6.5 Years, 1.5 Years in current organisation
    Married : Yes
    Child : No
    Salary : 78K INR/month
    Property owning : No, living in a rented flat currently. My father owns a house.
    Financial Condition : Healthy Portfolio
    Any relative in USA : No

    Please let me know what could have been gone wrong.