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B1/B2 Visa got Rejected Trice within 2 years?

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  • B1/B2 Visa got Rejected Trice within 2 years?

    Let me just explain in Detail.

    First Attempt: B2 Visa Interview

    On the interview, VC asked many questions but in end, they just rejected saying you are not eligible for a B2 visa.

    Second Attempt: B1 Visa Interview(Just right after 1 month of 1st attempt)

    B1 based on client invited me for meeting and it got rejected just asking one question why you want to go the US? and then direct reply: Rejected. No second question asked.

    Third Attempt: B1 Visa Interview(Attempt Conference after 1.2 years of the second attempt)

    VC: Why you wanna go?
    Me: I am going to attend Conference by Salesforce.

    VC: Which country you visited?
    Me: Dubai two times.

    VC: Apart from Dubai? Have you visited any other country?
    Me: No.

    VC: Are you married?
    Me: No.

    Does this meaning they want me to travel another country first and then applied? OR they want me to get married first then apply.

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    It doesn't mean the consulate wants you to travel elsewhere first or get married. It means that they find you as a potential immigrant. They don't see any strong reason for you to come back to India once you've visited US. Reasons like you having a permanent home, spouse/kids, good job (good salary), etc. So maybe next time make sure that there's some change in your profile rather than applying with the same application.


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      visa got rejected

      Even my brother is going through the same phase.