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Got a B1 visa in Mumbai

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  • Got a B1 visa in Mumbai

    I got a R-B1/B2 10 Year M entry visa yesterday at Mumbai. I had applied for Business visa. I had earlier visas (H1 and B1 from 1992 and 1993) so it went very smoothly for me. All that the officer asked me was about my earlier visas, saw my old passport, asked whether mine was a "family business" (my answer: no, its a private limited company) and what was my annual salary (i said X lakhs and he joked that "aren't company directors expected to make more?" - to which i replied that we made most of our income through tax free dividends). Thats it - he said the visa is issued.

    Overall the experience was very efficient & pleasant. I did not see any one getting rejected yesterday. It seemed to me that the Mumbai consulate record of issuances of visa is a lot better. Chennai seems to have most of the horror stories.

    However, my advice to everyone is to not go in with biases and just present the facts of your case. Genuine cases will rarely be turned away.

    In any case, this forum is a gem of a site for the wealth of information it provides.

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