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i would be glad if some one will help me

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  • i would be glad if some one will help me

    hi guys,i am new to this forum.i am a doctor.planning to do residency in U.S.completed my USMLE STEP1N & 2.i applied for B1 visa to attend my USMLE STEP2 C.S. exam on july 7th.i was also issued visa for 6 months(7-06-2006 to 7-12-2006)single entry.i am really confused now.i have many doubts to be cleared.
    1.does this stamping mean that i am eligible to stay in U.S. till december only.if i go around say july and if i am granted 6 months at port of entry then it would date to jan next is that a violation and will that create a problem. 2.i will be having my residency program interviews around nov and if i go and attend my USMLE STEP2 C.S.and return after 15 days,and again if i apply for visa for attending my interviews there is equal chances of getting rejected more problem is that the earliest possible date available for visa interview(at chennai consulate) is only around it will be utter waste as i will miss most of my somebody please guide me.this is my 1st stay in U.S.
    3.if i attend my usmle step2 C.S. and return after 15 days,will that have a positive effect for my next visa interview or still is it the same 50:50 chance only.
    Eagerly waiting for ur guidance ,
    With regards,

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    1. You can travel any time before your visa stamp expires. Duration of actual stay will be determined at the port of entry as per date stamped in form I-94.

    2. Read answer #1

    3. Difficult to say.
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