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pls help......i got a 221(g)

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  • pls help......i got a 221(g)

    I attended for the visa interview on june 9th in new delhi and was refused a visa under SECTION 221(G).During the time of the interview,the visa officer didnt tell me if i could come with the relevant documents again on anyother working day,or if i had to book another appointment with the same visa fee receipt no..is it possible to start a new application with the same visa fee receipt no.?(OR)CAN I GO TO THE CONSULATE ON ANY WORKING DAY WITHOUT ANY PRIOR APPOINTMENTS.PLS HELP ME.THIS IS IMPORTANT.
    And due to my complete ignorance,after i got rejected under section 221(g),i paid another Rs4600 and obtained a new visa fee receipt no. to book a new appointment,later i was told by one of my friends that for rejection under 221(g),i dont need to pay again for subsequent visa appointments.now what should i do with the new visa fee receipt that i took in hdfc.is there any way i can get a refund or is it non-refundable as said.pls help me out............

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    please reply

    common guys,
    isnt there anyone who can bail me out of this tricky situation.please help me out.i posted my queries over here bcos they told me this this was one of the best sites where i could get instant response.