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Number of days one can stay on B1 VISA

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  • Number of days one can stay on B1 VISA


    I am having B1 VISA, 10 yr multiple entry. I have been here in US for training twice in this year of 2006.In my first visit i had stayed for a month and in my next visit i stayed for less than 3 months.The time interval between between those two visits was 1 month.Now i want to come back to US for training again with a gap interval of a 2 weeks, and stay in US for 3 more months. Will i be granted I94.How frequently one can visit US on B1 VISA?
    Pls reply ASAP.

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    if u hav e a legitimate reason to visit ....it wont pose a problem............if the IO question sit, show them ur doc for the training